I want to thank Bob Clark at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and his wonderful staff for their help with the research for this site and for permission to post FDRL pictures.  My gratitude also goes to Wallace F. Dailey, former Curator, and Heather Cole, current Curator of the Theodore Roosevelt Collection at the Houghton Library, Harvard College for helping me do my research and for giving me permission to post pictures from their collection. I also received many types of assistance from the Theodore Roosevelt Association and from all my friends at the National Park Service Sagamore Hill Historic Site. Allida Black, Blanche Cook, and Geoffrey Ward generously shared their ideas about the Roosevelts with me, and Sharon Kilzer and Clay Jenkinson created the very useful Theodore Roosevelt Center website.  Christopher Brick and Mary Jo Binker and their associates at the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers shared their research with me. A Faculty Development Grant from Phillips Academy assisted me in the early stages of web development for this site. Paige Roberts, School Archivist and Director of Special Collections at Phillips Academy originally helped me set up the Word Press site and later Diane Foley provided guidance using Dreamweaver and html language. Professor Robert Gershon of Castleton State College worked with me on later web design and Professor Peter Smith of Salem State College helped me make the website more user-friendly.

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